2017 Candidate Performance - University Edition

2017 Candidate Performance - University Edition

The University Edition – Focusing on university and accreditation reports, including international, regional, national and state. University rankings are also a prominent feature of this edition.

Content Area Performance: In addition to the four primary sections (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG), the new publications will include performance metrics by cohort for each of the 18 content areas, as well as the simulation and written communication portions of the exam. The content area performance metric represents the percentage of students who received a comparable or stronger score for that area.

Cohort Tracking: All candidates who begin the examination process in the same calendar year are members of the cohort. Presenting the data in this way allows for a more accurate analysis of trends in the accounting pipeline.

Pipeline Reporting: This section of the reporting provides in-depth analysis of a candidates path through the examination process, whether they pass all four parts or choose to drop out. In 2017 there were 25,834 candidates who passed their 4th part of the exam and 57,821 remained active in the examination process at the end of the calendar year.

State Performance: Summary performance of all educational institutions in a given state. Note that the state performance in this book differs from the Jurisdiction Edition, which reports summary performance for the state to which a candidate applied to sit for the Exam.

First-Time within one year: This publication also includes First-Time (FT) examination sections taken within 1-year (365 days) of graduation from a given program. This tighter filter allows the book to more closely associate a candidates performance with his/her most recent educational institution. *Only includes degrees that has a valid degree date.

Regional Performance:The regions are defined by the states included in each of the six regional accrediting areas. The regional performance, along with both state and national performance, allows for easier comparative analysis.

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