The Candidate Performance Products are being redesigned for 2016 and will include a tremendous amount of additional data, including cohort tracking, content area performance and candidate pipeline reporting. The following reports will be offered in 2016:

The Jurisdiction Edition – Designed specifically with the State Boards in mind, this report provides a broad view of CPA exam trends from around the world.

The University Edition – Focusing on university and accreditation reports, including international, regional, national and state. University rankings are also a prominent feature of this edition.

The NASBA Accreditation Report – Schools and Boards that provide NASBA with a list of their candidates are offered the most accurate analysis available of performance on the CPA Exam in the NASBA Accreditation Report. This resource serves as an extremely useful tool for schools within the accreditation process.

These statistics, available only from NASBA, give you the best indication of the market today AND tomorrow.

View a sample of the new Jurisdiction Report